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1 – Hand Sanitiser

XtraProtect is a hand sanitiser, that is proven to kill 99.99% bacteria and enveloped viruses including Covid-19, MRSA, Norovirus and E-Coli

Fully certified to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 14476 standards’

XtraProtect will form an antimicrobial layer, which continues to work residually so giving you lasting protection.

Being a water based pH neutral sanitiser, it does not dry out your hands and is proven as non irritating to skin and eyes.

Yordas Lab testing – Q200330-RV-1

2 – Multi purpose cleaner

XtraProtect is unique, in that it sanitises, as well as acts as a high performance cleaning solution.

After carrying out the fogging process, you can use XtraProtect to sanitise key touch points such as door handles, keyboards, phones and any other high risk touch points.

Worktops, windows, sanitary ware such as toilets and basins, as well as hard floor surfaces including tiles and laminate can be cleaned in a normal fashion, ensuring not only the surface is bacteria and virus free, it is also sparkling clean. So saving time and cost.

3 – Fogging

Fogging is a revolutionary decontamination process, enabling you to completely sanitise a room or open space in a safe, quick, and cost efficient way.

Using XtraProtect, fogging turns the solution into a fine mist, which engulfs the entire room. The extremely small mist droplets land on all surfaces, enveloping the membrane of the virus, which exposes the nucleocapsid and ultimately kills its ability to infect subsequent cells.

Rooms are able to be treated and completely sanitised in as little as 30 seconds (9m2 room), and when adequately ventilated, treated rooms can be occupied within 15 minutes.

XtraProtect is a non-toxic pH neutral formulation, so can be used on all surfaces including soft furnishings and upholstery. Carpets, rugs, mattresses and vinyl surfaces, these are all suitable.

The steps of use are easy;

To operate, first fill the fogger with Xtra Protect sanitising solution.

Then connect to the nearest available wall socket

Placing the fogging machine in the corner of a room, aiming towards the main area of the room. Stand behind the fogger, before switching on. Allow the machine to spray a fine mist into the air.

A typical room size of 9m2 should be fogged for 30 seconds.

If the room is a larger size, you should move to a different location, and repeat the process.

Now the room where the fogging has occurred is now treated to kill 99.9% of bacteria and enveloped viruses. We recommend allowing the solution to cure for at least 15 minutes before allowing anyone using the room

UK lab tested meeting BS EN 1276 and BS EN 1776 standards, XtraProtect is tested to ensure its non irritating to eyes and skin, making it ideal for any interior, home, business and vehicle.

4 – Pressure sprayer

Pressure Mist sprayers are also suitable for decontaminating rooms, target areas or outdoor spaces.

The manual sprayer works in a similar way to the electric version but in this instance, it relies on the operator to direct the sanitising spray.

Once filled with XtraProtect solution, first build pressure by using the hand pump as shown.

Then stepping into the room you wish to sanitise, spray the mist into the air, as well as targeting key touch points and usage areas that are most at risk.

Once you’ve completed sanitising the room, leave to dry and cure for at least 15 minutes before use.

If the pressure mister leaves additional fluid residue, us the XtraWeb agitating cloth to spread the left over fluid to quicken the drying process.

The pressure mister is also recommended for outdoor use, such as sanitising front doors, hand rails, sports equipment and vehicles.

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